"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" -- Anatole France

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Our Adoptable Pets List

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FFF Adoptables List

To view more information about one of our pets,
just click that animal's "More In-fur-mation" link.

Ages of our cats and kittens are approximate and may reflect the age
at which the cat entered F.F.F.'s Program.
F.F.F. makes every effort to update the ages of our cats periodically.

When inquiring regarding one of our cats, please ask regarding the current age.

Martin and Malcolm

Two cool, goofy dude kitties to hang out with!
Sorry, Unavailable for Adoption Between October 25th and November 2nd!

Little Sister Face

Malcolm's Silly Face


Little Sister

Martin, being lazy


Malcolm is the brother of Martin. They are healthy, ACTIVE, and endlessly entertaining cats. We would prefer to have them adopted together.


Malcolm is quite a character. Of the two Bros, he is the most curious and mischievous. He is active and loves to romp with his brother, Martin. He does play with other unrelated active cats. He is affectionate with people he knows and loves attention.


Malcolm has been in an adult foster home so does not have any experience in a family setting with children or dogs. It is unclear how he would adjust to these new situations.

As an adult, Malcolm still loves people interaction but has gecome more dominant and territorial around some of our subordinate cats.


Malcolm, surprised look


Martin is the brother of Malcom. They are healthy, ACTIVE and endlessly entertaining cats. Upon FFF Adoptions reopening, they will be placed on our FFF Adoption List. We would prefer to have them adopted together. A waiting list will be made available for the bothers in the interim.

Little Sister

Martin hangin out


MARTIN although playful and active like his brother, Malcolm, is the more laid back and shy of the two brothers. He is affectionate with people he knows. Martin enjoys playing with his brother and chasing games. The two brothers relate to other active cats as well. Martin enjoys time in the safe, enclosed outdoor catio.

He has been raised in an adult only foster home. His initial shyness may make adjusting to a family with children or dogs take a bit longer. We would like to adopt Martin with his brother Malcolm. However, would consider an adoption to home with other friendly cat his age. We will be monitoring how he responds to separate time from his brother.

Should you like to know more information about these plucky, energetic cats, please contact us at [email protected].

You can see all of our adoptable animals at our adoption pet list here.


Our Featured S.O.L. Cat!

It started with a frantic phone call …

Olive in the car

Olive in the car.


As it often does ... it started with a frantic plea from a caring good Samaritan who had been monitoring a tiny kitten in an industrial business area.  After two days of observing and seeing no mama cat or anyone bothering to notice this small, frail kitten, she took it home.  Despite the good Samaritan's severe asthma and risk, she took the kitten home to rescue it from what would have been certain death.


Oliver hanging around

Oliver, hanging around.

She reached out to F.F.F. for assistance in her area of Fairfield.  When told of the dire situation in Rescue and the refusal of some Shelters/Animal Control to provide services to cats anymore unless sick or injured, a philosophy promoted by the Koret Shelter Medicine's Kate Hurley, that leaves cats on the street, unspayed or neutered, it was clear that there was no place for this frail kitten to go.


F.F.F. kept in touch with her, and despite her best efforts, she could not provide for this kitten.

F.F.F. accepted the kitten into our S.O.L. (Short On Luck) Program for at-risk cats.  The good Samaritan made the 1+ hour drive up to our foster home/Sanctuary to bring this kitten named OLIVE.  She graciously donated a crate, food, and litter for Olive's care.

Oliver, lounging around
Oliver, lounging around.


OLIVE has joined the F.F.F. Family and is getting stronger every day.  She is being evaluated to see if she might be a "Petunia trainee" in training as a therapy cat for our VISITORS IN FURS Program.


Her good Samaritan has become part of our F.F.F. rescuers Family network.  We all play a part in Rescue … and are forever joined through our love of animals.



If you would like to provide T.L.C. and shelter for a needy cat, or dog... Contact: Sally - (925) 808-8364 [email protected]



Announcement On The Road


We're Moving

FFF will continue private showings/appointments through our HAVE CAT WILL TRAVEL PROGRAM to show our "Formerly Friendless Felines" until we can secure another monthly adoption site to be able "meet and meow" with our public.

We look forward to seeing you at our new locations.

We look forward to seeing you.


F.F.F. Policies

Adopting a Friend

An interview, application and home visit, followed by a 5-7 day trial visit of the selected pet in the prospective adoptive home. An Animal Care Adoption Contract is required to be signed by the adopter and a FFF representative, and a recovery/adoption fee is tenderedThe adopter(s) must be of legal age to sign a legal contract.

FFF does NOT allow FFF animals to be given as gifts or adopted for third parties.

FFF would appreciate a contribution to help offset our veterinary costs which include:

  • Combo test for FeLV and FIV (feline leukemia and feline AIDS)
  • First FVRCP
  • Spay or Neuter
  • Pain medications for recovery
  • De-worming
  • Flea control
  • Microchip

Special circumstance adoptions are available for eligible adopters.


In an effort to provide our FFF graduates, their families, and our dedicated F.F.F. fosters/staff with peace of mind, we are exploring micro chipping all of our adoptees. This will provide a safety net for our formerly friendless felines that go on to their new homes.

If FFF begins microchipping, then FFF will be listed as the secondary contact in the event that an emergency or unforeseen circumstance causes them to be lost, stolen or strayed. This should make sure that our F.F.F. adoptees will always have a friend if they are in need and always be "formerly friendless".


We show our cats by appointments at your home. Appointments can be made with FFF through our HAVE CAT WILL TRAVEL Program, (925) 808-8364. Availability of the cats or kittens for appointment depends on the availability of the foster and transportation arrangements. If you see a cat or kitten you are interested in on our website, contact Sally via our email or by phone to check on the availability of that cat or kitten for evening appointments.

Adoption Criteria

As a rule, F.F.F. prefers not to offer kittens until all veterinary test results are normal. All F.F.F. cats and kittens are combo tested for feline AIDS and feline Leukemia prior to adoption. Therefore, we will not release any cat or kitten for adoption until we can be assured of an accurate test result.

FFF's philosophy:

We will not knowingly adopt any cat or kitten into your home that we wouldn't place in our own homes. We appreciate your understanding.

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