Black and Tan Tabby

Medium • Young • Male

This is Moe (aka Leo) (aka MoMoLeo) of my sweet brothers' trio of Larry, Curly, and Moe. He is VERY sweet and has a gentle, quiet, and affectionate personality--when he is not running through the house with his brothers in an Attack of the Crazies. Neutered, utd on vaccinations and flea control, combo-tested. Available for adoption through Friends of the Formerly Friendless. I adore him, but I have too many cats in my house, and I want him to have his own special place. He would do especially well with his brother, Larry, if someone wanted 2 extra-sweet kitties. Moe is very active with his brother/partner Larry.

Moe is also gentle and interactive with the other fosters and people. He has a beautiful patterning to his coat, much like a Bengal. Like his brother Larry, he is gentle, active and curious. We would prefer that both brothers be adopted together. While MOE and LARRY are friendly fellows they are not used to children or dogs, so unclear whether a family setting would be best for them. Moe is an Indoor Only cat.


Friends of the Formerly Friendless
Concord, CA
(925) 808-8364
Sally Morgan-Welch;
[email protected]

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