Domestic Short Hair-gray & tan

Small • Young • Male

Larry is a very special kitten, who possesses a unique sensitivity and perception.  He senses when his foster is in pain or not feeling well.  He lays on her purring to give her solace.  We are convinced that this cat has a sixth sense for healing.(?)  he is loving and caring towards his siblings and foster family. 

He and his brothers Moe and Curly love to rough house and wrestle, but snuggle together when it’s over.  Larry would make a wonderful addition to any family or couple.  We would prefer that both brothers be adopted together. While MOE and LARRY are friendly fellows they are not used to children or dogs, so unclear whether a family setting would be best for them.  Larry is an Indoor Only cat.




Friends of the Formerly Friendless
Concord, CA
(925) 808-8364
Sally Morgan-Welch;
[email protected]

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