Domestic Short Hair - Black

Meduim • Young • Male • Cat

Martin is the brother of Malcom. They are healthy, ACTIVE and endlessly entertaining cats. Upon FFF Adoptions reopening, they will be placed on our FFF Adoption List. We would prefer to have them adopted together. A waiting list will be made available for the bothers in the interim.

MARTIN although playful and active like his brother, Malcolm, is the more laid back and shy of the two brothers. He is affectionate with people he knows. Martin enjoys playing with his brother and chasing games. The two brothers relate to other active cats as well. Martin enjoys time in the safe, enclosed outdoor catio.

He has been raised in an adult only foster home. His initial shyness may make adjusting to a family with children or dogs take a bit longer. We would like to adopt Martin with his brother Malcolm. However, would consider an adoption to home with other friendly cat his age. We will be monitoring how he responds to separate time from his brother.


Friends of the Formerly Friendless
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